CORPORATEOST OLGUN DIŞ TİCARET A.Ş. (OST Olgun Foreign Trade Inc.) being one of the leading fertilizer trading companies in Turkey since 1976 has been specializing in the dOmestic distribution and export of Chemical Fertilizers and Fertilizer Raw Materials. Alongside imported fertilizers we distribute the NP/NPK Compound Fertilizers produced by our group company “Iskenderun Gübre Sanayii A.S. (Iskenderun Fertilizer Industry Inc.) to our end buyers mainly comprising of Pankobirlik Sugar Beet Growers Coops Association, Taris Cotton Growers Cooperative, Antbirlik Cotton Growers Cooperatives , Tigem General Directorate of Agricultural Enterprises and Turkey Sugar Factories as well as our 300+ dealers distributed all around Turkey.

In addition, our company being the sole exporter of İskenderun Gübre Sanayii A.Ş. is amongst the most important exporters of our country.

In our warehouses in Iskenderun, we have the opportunity to stock up to 100,000 tons of bulk fertilizers, and with our daily bagging capacity reaching up to 3,000 tons. We pack our fertilizers in 25 - 50 kg standard polyethylene lined polypropylene bags or 500 - 1,000 kg big- bags. In special orders, bagged fertilizers are palletized and shrink-wrapped.

For your needs and dealership applications, we kindly ask you to contact our General Directorate in Istanbul.

Chemical Fertilizers provided by us in Bulk or in Bags are as follows:

- Urea
- Ammonium Sulphate 21% N
- Calcium Ammonium Nitrate 26% -27 N
- Ammonium Nitrate 33.5 - 34.4% N

- Single Superphosphate (SSP)
- Triple Superphosphate (TSP)
- Monoammoniumphosphate (MAP)
- Diammoniumphosphate (DAP)

- Potassium Chloride
- Potassium Sulphate
- Potassium Nitrate

- NP, NPK Compound Fertilizers in all compositions
- Microelement added (Zn, Fe, Cu, B) special compound fertilizers

- 100% Water Soluble (Slow Release) Fertilizers

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